Man-Eating Chicken

February 17, 2011

Ok, got your attention? 🙂 Actually, it looks like we have lots of folks’ attention and support as far as our meatball truck is concerned. It’s so exciting. Not one person has stepped up to say, “Venus, are you insane? Are you really going to open your own business again? Don’t you remember the headaches, the paperwork, the time it takes? What are you thinking?”

I have heard those questions, but the only voice has come from my own fears. I’ve often heard that the only one who stands in the way of your success is you and I believe it’s true.

Our project has been approved by Kickstarter, a community funding website. We have our promotional video ready to go, but I haven’t been able to pull the trigger yet, because once I do, I know that there is no turning back. The very idea that people believe in this idea enough to put their money behind it, is wonderful but also a little scary. I don’t want to let anyone down. I won’t let anyone down. So it begins. I will submit our project before the weekend is over. At that moment my life will become 24/7 meatball madness!

I value the balance I strive to obtain in my life, part of the fear is knowing that my life will be out of balance for the next few months as we bring the project into fruition. It has to be. Thank god for my wonderful husband who completely understands and is so supportive. He’s been through this before with me and yet he is still my greatest cheerleader. And my partner, Ceasar, who never lacks in enthusiasm and keeps it fun.

Alright little voice of fear. I acknowledge you but I am not going to succumb to you – back into your cage. I’m not letting you stand in the way of my success. HERE WE GO! This is going to be AWESOME!


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