Name Our Truck

January 22, 2011

Ok, you creative meatball (or meatless ball) types. Help us name our Meatball Truck and you will be entered in a drawing to win a $20.00 certificate to use at our truck. We’ve listed a few of our ideas, but I bet one of you out there will come up with something that will blow us away.(To be entered in the drawing, please leave your name in the comment section) Peace, Love and Meatballs!
*I thought I set the poll to let you put your own name for our truck in but I guess it didn’t work. If you have a better name and we choose it, you will get a gift certificate as well as be entered in the drawing. Just put your idea in a comment and we will see it!*

Help us name our Meatball Truck!


8 Responses to “Name Our Truck”

  1. meesha.v said

    you need to be on twitter,I am posting all your links there,but you’ll be better of with your own account. email me if you need help.

  2. Taylor Corlee said

    Call it ‘Hey, thats a good freaking meatball’.
    great idea i know!

  3. SLIMM said

    I dont have a name but I think some kind of a “on top of old smokey” theme is in order.

  4. Ryan Marchman said

    Holy Hell Balls
    hot meaty balls
    MeatBalls of thunder
    MeatBall’s of Fury

    That’s all I got

  5. Beth said

    Pila. It is a small ball used in ancient Rome for games of skill.

  6. Rick in PV said

    Meatballs R Us

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