Balls to the wall!

January 20, 2011

And so it begins, yet another new phase in my culinary adventure! If you don’t know, I left the corporate world two years ago to pursue my passion for FOOD and PEOPLE. I took classes through the Business Culinary Academy, joined the USPCA (United States Personal Chef Association) and started my new career. I loved the new profession but I still felt like something was missing.

About a year ago, I ran into a wonderful woman who owns a local restaurant in Kansas City. We had known each other through our involvement in the local music scene but not much more that that. We got to talking and found that my corporate background in Workforce Management along with my catering experience could be useful to her as she was opening at a new location and lucky me, she offered me a management job! I fell in love with the restaurant business! I felt I was one step closer to where I’m supposed to be. And while I am extremely thankful for the invaluable experience, I knew that this job was more like an internship for my next step.

Meanwhile, I became friends with a long time Kansas City Chef Ceasar Reyes. In the midst of a hectic day cooking over the grill, after a long night of catering or a crazy weekend at the restaurant we would dream about someday opening our own place. We have very similar goals and work amazingly together. From very early on, we knew we would someday be partners. We talked at length about opening a restaurant, but the low profit margin and high start up costs always brought us back to reality.

While watching trends in the restaurant industry, we noticed that for two years in a row mobile kitchens were at the top of the list. On both coasts it has become a cultural phenomenon, but here in the Midwest, the trend is just starting to take off. The time is now! We looked into it and discovered that this was actually a project we could afford to do and do well. And while we are both versed in many sorts of cuisines but we wanted something that would be simple and delicious and FUN!

A Meatball Truck.

Oh no not just any meatball truck. The Magical Meatball Mobile. The best balls you have ever put in your mouth….ahem. Vegetarians, vegans, carnivores – we will have a delicious ball for every taste. Italian, Mexican, Asian – balls of all cultures. We will bring these balls to the masses. Music venues, street festivals, corporate lunch breaks – we’ll be there.

With my flair for the dramatic and Ceasar’s flair for the … uhh … odd, this will not be your grandparents’ mobile kitchen. Don’t be surprised if you step outside of your favorite music venue this spring and see circus performers and fire eaters peddling the best tasting meatballs in Kansas City. Stay tuned for upcoming details!


One Response to “Balls to the wall!”

  1. Renee said

    Very excited for you and your new endeavor

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